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Our average graduate makes up to $50,000 in their first year; we have a 95% job-placement rate, provided without charge. You can start our program for only $500. Ready to make an investment in yourself?

We want you to feel comfortable and knowledgeable behind the wheel, and we put together this section of educational materials to help you make good decisions about your driving instruction and driving generally. Please feel free to review this material at your convenience, and let us know if you have any questions.Our guides on choosing the right driving school, preparing for the road test, and driving basics are some of the most popular articles on our website. We hope you find them as useful as did the hundreds of other driving school students who have also read them.

Questions to ask when picking the right CDL training school for you

Q. How long have you been open for?
Winsor’s A. We have been open since 1995. We are over 20 years old and have been family owned and operated since day one. Whenever we enroll a new student our family grows.

Q. What is the student to teacher ratio?
Winsor’s A. 5:1 For every 5 students we have at least 1 Instructor on duty. If there are six students or more we have at least 2 instructors

Q. Do you offer one on one training?
Winsor’s A. Yes, we do.

Q. How long does the training take?
Winsor’s A. We offer many different custom course available so it is very hard to give one answer. However our longest GURANTEED course only takes 3.5 weeks to complete for a full time student.

Q. How many people do I have to share my training truck with?
Winsor’s A. None. You will have your own training truck for the entire time that you are here. You will be training anytime from 1 to 8 hours a day.

Q. Are there payment plans available?
Winsor’s A. Yes, You do not need to come up with the full tuition before you start training.

Q. What technology do you offer make me a better driver?
Winsor’s A. We have a state of the art simulation lab where we can teach you how to drive a manual transmission (stick shift), as well as give you real world scenarios. These assets give us the ability to do things like train our students how to drive in the snow during the hottest summer day.

Q. Can I make my own schedule for training?
Winsor’s A. Yes, your training schedule can be completely custom to your life schedule. We offer daytime, nighttime and weekend classes. You have the option to be a full or part time student as well.

Q. Is there job placement available?
Winsor’s A. Yes, once you become our student, you are automatically enrolled in to our Life Time Job Placement Assistance Program. This means that it is our job to help them find a job whether its right after school or 10 years down the road. We also have many companies that hire our students even before you graduate.

Winsor’s Leading Competitors
Class Size Small (3-7) Usually Large (10-15)
Train in your own truck(Never Share) Yes No
State of the art simulation lab Yes No
Custom Courses that fits your needs and experience Yes No
Train on Automatic and Manual (Stick Shift) Vehicles Both Only Manual (Stick Shift)
Lifetime Job Placement Assistance Yes Some
Big Yard on the same property Yes Only some

Our Story

We have been a family owned and operated business for over 20 years. We started with humble beginnings where we rented a small yard to train our students. Since then we have moved to our own location that has a much bigger yard as well as all the, state of the art faculties you will need to succeed at becoming a CDL driver. We bring our family values to everything that we do. Any time we accept another student in to our program we welcome them with open arms just as any good family should. We do not believe in just ONLY training the basics. As momma always said if you’re going to do something, always do it right the first time. We like to listen to momma so we take a lot of pride in our work, when it comes to training people how to get their CDL. We understand that a CDL will change a lot of our students lives financially and other wise, and we are honored that they have chosen our family to be a part of it. We do not take that lightly so we feel responsible to do anything in our power to help them learn. So come and join our family today.


CDL Training

We offer a variety of schedules to meet everyone’s needs. Classes are intentionally kept small for individualized attention. If you do not see a schedule that meets your needs, we can customize one for you.

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Real Life Simulators

Real Life Simulators

The new TranSim by I-Sim/Eaton is an invaluable training tool that allows the driver to learn the proper way to shift a variety of transmissions, over….

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Eligibility and Enrolment

No previous experience necessary. Training starts with the basics. Eligibility is easy. Besides a serious attitude about learning how to safely operate a tractor-trailer, small truck or bus

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Job Placement

Job Placement

100% Passing Rate & 95% Job Placement Rate We founded our school based on the idea of offering students the best quality service in the industry.

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